Development wish list

Any diocese is welcome to suggest a new development, which may then be added to this wish list.

Development Wish-List for 2022 Annual Fee Increase Notes

Removal of inactive users

Inactive users might include:

  • Clergy who have moved from the parish
  • Safeguarding officers who have stepped down
  • People who registered but never started to use Safeguarding Dashboards

This development would automatically removed inactive users after a reasonable period – say 12 months.  A few weeks prior to this, inactive users could be sent two email notifications to inform them that they will soon be removed if they don't use their account. 

To be advised Suggested at the User Group meeting in February 2021

Delayed promotion

At present, when a parish get promoted to Levels 2 or 3 they are immediately presented with bunch of new dashboard lights.  Some PSOs find this a bit disheartening.

This development will add two new buttons to the 'congratulations' email that is sent to dashboard owners when they are promoted to a higher level.  These buttons will give dashboard owners the option of adding the new dashboard lights now, or in two weeks time. 

To be advised Requested by Peterborough diocese

For each of the above items, a costed proposal is discussed, and then voted upon, by the Dashboard User Group.  Each diocese has one vote, and all votes must be cast within a 7-day window.  Any diocese that does not cast their vote within the 7-day window is deemed to have abstained.

A proposal will only be implemented if more dioceses vote in favour than vote against.  It will be funded by a modest increase in the Annual Fee paid by all paricipating dioceses in subsequent years (including any dioceses that vote against it).

The total cost of medium-size developments will not increase the Annual Fee by more than £200 in any calendar year.

Developments that have already been approved

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