Safer Recruitment and People Management

‘Safer recruitment’ is an essential part of the Church of England’s approach to safeguarding. The House of Bishops first published their safer recruitment guidance in 2015 (and revised it in 2016).  That original guidance has been strengthened with new Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance, which must be fully implemented by January 2022.

The Church of England website includes a 3-minute audio introduction to the new guidance, which is well worth listening to.

What has changed? 

The underlying principles of safer recruitment remain unchanged - however, the new guidance provides greater clarity.

The new guidance has 16 sections, each of which comprises:

  • Requirements - These are the minimum standards that everyone must adhere to
  • Good practice advice - This has information about why the requirements must be met, and how to meet them to a good level
  • Toolkit - These are templates and resources that can be used if there are none already in place

The main change in the requirements is that, from 2024 onwards, DBS checks must be carried our at three-yearly intervals, rather than five.

When does this need to be implemented?

The above audio introduction says:

"We are aware that some church bodies had not fully implemented the original guidance, and therefore will take longer to be compliant with this revised House of Bishops' guidance, which must be fully implemented by 4 January 2022."

In order to help parishes to meet this deadline, the Church of England has issued a Safer Recruitment and People Management Assessment Tool 

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