Medium-size developments approved in 2022

Medium-size developments are discussed and voted upon by the Dashboard User Group. A development is only implemented if more dioceses vote in favour than vote against.  It is funded by a modest increase in the Annual Fee paid by all paricipating dioceses in subsequent years (including any dioceses that voted against it).

Medium-Size Developments Annual Fee Increase Notes

Development 03 - Updating multiple dashboards at the same time

To enable an owner of two or more dashboards to update them at the same time.

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£69 Approved by the User Group

Development 04 - Managing church activities

Parishes are required to maintain a list of church activities involving children, young people and vulnerable adults.  The system then creates a mini-dashboard for each activity.

Dashboard owners are able to add and delete activities from the list.  However, this development also enables them to:

  • Rename an activity
  • Add/edit/delete an optional note (e.g. 'Parent and Toddler Group on Tuesday morning')
  • Suspend an activity (which will temporarily remove it from the dashboard and Action Plan)
  • Restore an activity that had been suspended

This development was requested by the Diocese of Birmingham and has been provided free of charge.


Development 05 - New features for diocesan users

The aim of the two previous developments was to make the Safeguarding Dashboards easier for parish users.

The aim of this development is to assist diocesan users by:

  • Helping to keep diocesan mailing lists up to date
  • Nudging parishes to update their dashboards
  • Removing inactive users
  • Generating a dashboard management report

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This development has arisen from discussions between the User Group and Clearly Simpler.

Approved by the User Group on 18 July 2022.

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