Medium-size developments approved for 2021

A costed proposal was first discussed, and then voted upon, by the Dashboard User Group.  Each diocese had one vote, and all votes were cast within a 7-day window.  Any diocese that did not cast their vote within the 7-day window was deemed to have abstained.

A proposal is only implemented if more dioceses vote in favour than vote against.  It is funded by a modest increase in the Annual Fee paid by all paricipating dioceses in subsequent years (including any dioceses that voted against it).

Medium-Size Developments Annual Fee Increase Current Status

Development Proposal 01 - Customising dashboard emails

To provide a new Dashboard Tool which will allow each diocese to easily customise dashboard emails.   For example, a diocese could add their own message of congratulations from the DSA or bishop when a dashboard is promoted to Level 2.

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£15 Approved by the User Group

Development Proposal 02 - Supporting the new Learning and Development Framework.

This includes:

  • Creating a new dashboard light for each learning pathway
  • Collecting from parishes the number of church officers that need to complete each learning pathway
  • Creating a new Pathway Summary Report that summarises parish data for diocesan staff

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£82 Approved by the User Group


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