Safeguarding Dashboards


Safeguarding Dashboards were developed by Clearly Simpler Limited for use within the Church of England.

Safeguarding has changed considerably in recent years.  New policies and procedures are making organisations safer, but they have also significantly increased the amount of administration for safeguarding officers.

Safeguarding Dashboards are making administration and governance simpler for everyone. They can be displayed on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

The status of safeguarding at a glance

Authorised users can see the current status of safeguarding at a glance.  Green lights bring reassurance that all is well, amber means that action is needed, and red means it’s urgent.

Everything in one place

Each dashboard light also has an information page that explains, in plain English, exactly what needs to be done.

These information pages also contain links to other useful resorces.  The aim is to provide safeguarding officers with everything they need in one place.

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