Initial follow-up

For GDPR reasons, dashboard invitations expire after 14 days.

Using the Invitations Tool, it's very easy to resend any invitations that have expired.

Watch the video.

However, before resending any invitations, please consider sending the following email to ALL parishes.

A follow-up email that you can send to all parishes

To All Parish Safeguarding Officers [and Incumbents]

Dear All,

A couple of weeks ago you should have received an invitation to join Safeguarding Dashboards.  So far we have seen the following response:

  • [Number] parishes did not accept the invitation (which has now expired)
  • [Number] parishes accepted the invitation but have not yet started to use the dashboard
  • [Number] parishes are now using their dashboard

Safeguarding Dashboards has been designed to make life simpler for parishes - particularly in producing a Safeguarding Action Plan which is a mandatory requirement for all PCCs to approve.  However, data from the dashboards also helps the Diocesan Safeguarding Team to identify where parishes need the most support.

Therefore, whichever stage your parish is at, please can you read the relevant paragraph below.

  • For parishes that did not accept the original invitation
    We will be sending you a new invitation within the next couple of days.  Please can you look out for this, and accept the invitation when it arrives.
  • For parishes that have not yet started to use the dashboard
    Please can you sign in to your dashboard and turn at least one light green.  This only takes 5 minutes, and there is a step-by-step guide here...
  • For parishes that have started to use the dashboard
    Please can you request an Action Plan and ask your PCC to discuss and approve it.  You can get the Action Plan at the click of the button at the bottom of the dashboard Home page.

Many thanks for all that you are doing to make our parishes safer.

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