What is the Dashboard User Group?

The Dashboard User Group is made up of representatives from each participating diocese.  Its main purposes are:

  • To support one another in the use of Safeguarding Dashboards and to share strategies
  • To discuss and vote on changes to the dashboards (sometimes as a result of new national guidance)
  • To suggest improvements and new dashboard features
  • To vote on costed proposals for medium-size developments

How does the User Group work?

The Dashboard User Group meets twice a year.  In-person meetings are held in Birmingham; online meetings are held via Zoom.

Between meetings, discussions take place via an email discussion forum.  During 2021, users sent about a total of 150 emails covering 28 topics.  In some weeks there were no emails, in other weeks there were lots - but on average there were three emails per week.

Who can join the User Group?

Every participating diocese must nominate at least one member of diocesan staff, but some choose to nominate two or even three.

In some dioceses it is the DSA or Head of Safeguarding.  In other dioceses it is the Safeguarding Administrator/Trainer.  And dioceses choose more than one person.

When it comes to voting for changes or developments, each diocese has one vote.

Is there another way to keep up with developments?

Yes.  We also publish a Dashboard Newsletter about twice a year.  This is aimed at diocesan staff who want an overview of significant developments, but who don't need to get involved in detailed discussions.

The Dashboard Newsletter is sent to all User Group members, and also to anyone else who wants to be added to the mailing list.

How do I join the User Group or receive the Newsletter?

Simply send an email to Graeme Pringle at Clearly Simpler if you want to join the Dashboard User Group or receive the Dashboard Newsletter.

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