Funding medium-size developments


Dashboard developments are funded in three different ways:

  • Minor developments are implemented at no additional cost to a diocese
  • Medium-size developments are funded by a modest increase in the Annual Fee paid by all participating dioceses 
  • Major developments are entirely optional, with no obligation for any diocese to contribute towards their cost

This article answers some common questions about the funding of medium-size developments.

Why are medium-size developments important?

All systems need to keep developing in order to survive and thrive, and Safeguarding Dashboards is no exception.  Medium-size developments enable the dashboards to keep evolving in response to new challenges faced by parishes and dioceses.  

Medium-size developments are usually suggested by parish or diocesan users.  They can bring significant additional benefits for relatively little additional cost.

Why do all dioceses contribute to the cost?

Not all dioceses will want to make use of each medium-size development; nevertheless, all participating dioceses contribute towards the cost.

This principle of 'equal contributions' is a tried-and-tested model for funding other development costs within the Church of England.  For example:

  • Over 30 dioceses each pay £1,000 per year towards the development of the Contact Management System (CMS) by Worthers.
  • About 20 dioceses each pay £1,000 per year towards the development of diocesan website software by Church Edit.

The principle of 'equal contributions' is the simplest and cheapest funding model, thus reducing the cost for everyone.

How are medium-size developments approved?

A costed proposal for a medium-size development will always be discussed with the Dashboard User Group.    This provides an informal opportunity for each diocese to express their views, and also to suggest some further improvements.

A provisional decision will be made by Clearly Simpler based on the User Group discussion - however, any participating diocese may request a formal vote during the next three days.

If it comes to a formal vote, the proposed development will require more dioceses to vote in favour than vote against.

What will be the maximum Annual Fee in 2022?

We recognise that diocesan finances very difficult at the moment, and budgets are very tight.  For this reason, the total cost of medium-size developments will not increase the Annual Fee by more than £200 in any calendar year.

Furthermore, there will be no charge for any development during the year in which it is approved.  The Annual Fee will be increased the following year.

This means that the maximum annual fee for 2022 will be £1,650.

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